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Commissioned Work

I have created over 70 compositions that have been published. Listed here is a brief sample. My favorites include the following:

Title: Lama Chenno
Genre: Electronic
Singer: Wu Xiao Ci
Celleto: Chris Chafe Publisher: China Citic Press 2012
Note: Lyrics by Tashi Lhamo Duoduo (扎西拉姆多多), a famous poet in modern Chinese literature. This piece is dedicated to our mutual Buddhist Master, His Holiness the 17th Gyalwang Karmapa.

Title: Remember, Forgive and Forget
Genre: Ballad
Singer: Lin Fan
Publisher: Rock Records 2011

Title: The Secret Code of Moon
Genre: Alternative Rock
Singer: Khloe Chu
Publisher: EMI Records 2010

Title: Free Your Mind
Genre: Pop Rock
Singer: Man Wen Jun
Publisher: Taihe Rye Music 2009