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Title: It's My CCRMA
Genre: Bossa Nova
Singer: Wu Xiao Ci
Note: This is a very short piece that I wrote and sang for my beloved CCRMA at Stanford University.

Title: The World (Piano Version)
Genre: Spiritual
Composer: Wu Xiao Ci and Marc Evans
Note: Voice with background noise was recorded by a monk from a new year teaching given by His Holiness the 17th Gyalwang Karmapa in Bodhgaya.

Title: Green Light
Genre: New Age
Singer: Wu Xiao Ci
Flute: Michael J. Wilson
Cello: Sarah Smith
Banjo: Jiffer Harriman
Bass: Jay Kadis

Title: Being Peace
Genre: Western Classical music
Soprano: Wu Xiao Ci
Alto: Beryl Lee Heuermann
Celleto: Chris Chafe