Below are seleced multimedia works that Cecilia created and produced:

Physical Interaction Design in Music

I explore how we can physically interact with electronic sounds in real time. This project covers the following topics:

  • Pure Data
  • Arduino and Sensors
  • Circuits and Firmware Programming
  • Haptics for Music
  • Micro-controllers, Communication and Sound Synthesis
  • Interactive Graphics
  • Interaction Design Framework

Selected Projects

Synergy++: Gestures and Human Interface

Although many approaches have been proposed to use gesture and movement perception to drive electronic instruments2,3,8,11, little attention has been dedicated to exploring the use of digitized body motion for enhancing, in real-time, the musical expression of the human voice. Our project explores the relationship of electroacoustic music composition with human voice, sound synthesis and body movement. The vocalist stands in place and provides a combination of whispers and extended vocal input, processing them in real time with gesture and body movement. Two mobile performers produce various sounds using their own body gestures as controllers. The vocalist controls the overall sound effects using a variety of arm gestures. The core sound of the piece is the human voice, which the vocalist modulates as the sounds around her change. The other key sounds are a low-pitched heartbeat, a fuzzy static, a low-pitched 'monk' drone, and a looped .wav file of an electric spark. The heartbeat, static, and done were generated and controlled using FM synthesis.

Audiovisual Experiments

This series of projects covered the following topics:

  • Techniques of After Effects
  • Experimental Animation
  • Video Art
  • Dance and Performance
  • Non-Narrative Forms
  • Interactive and Installation Art

Selected Projects


Time tunnel

Sound and Space

I used Ardour and Ambisonic Systems to set up three pieces of 3D sound installations by manipulating 22 speakers at the CCRMA Listening Room. Please visit CCRMA's listening room and I will present you a unique audio experience.

Audio Filter Design and Electroacoustics Live Performance

This was realized as an independent study with Professor Chris Chafe. It covered the following topics:

  • Live Electronic Performance Experience with Orchestra
  • Networked Collaboration Broadcast concert
  • Sound and Filters Design

Selected Projects

World premiere of Rocco di Pietro's Finale given by Stanford Symphony

Timbre design for Celleto and electronics live performance with Chris Chafe at Stanford Symphony Orchestra concert:
Orchestra conducted by Jindong Cai Dinkelspiel Auditorium, May 12, 2012

Celletto: Chris Chafe
Thai Mouth Organ: Robin Baidya
Electronics: Cecilia Wu

Network Communication Concerts

I was the Network Audio Assistant for Chris Chafe to help manage the network connection during his rehearsals and concerts.
I have leared the in-and-outs of JackTrip.
BBC World The Sound of Pollution broadcast 5 Apr 2012

Final Project

"Lama Chenno" is the name of an actual Tibetan Buddhist prayer. It means "Calling the Perfect Master" or "Calling the Lama from a far."
The lyrics were written by a famous Chinese poet named Tashi Lhamo Duoduo.
The Celleto and Dilruba music was composed by Chris Chafe.

Composition, Arrangement, Recording and Mixing: Cecilia Wu
Violin: Hunter Mccurry;
Double Bass: Laura Steenberge;
Acoustic Cello: Sarah Smith;
Tubla: Vikas Yendluri

Live Version

Vocals & Engineering: Cecilia Wu
Celleto: Chris Chafe
Violin: Hunter Mccurry
Voila: Lexie Frosh
Electric Guitar: Jiffer Harriman

Algorithmic Composition

Selected Projects

Final Project: DJ Buddha
This project is an interactive audio-visual drum machine systems that I designed using ChucK and processing programming language. This video is a multimedia performance took place at the Modulations Concert, in San Francisco, May 2013.

Computer Generated Sound

Selected Projects

Final Project
Details are here.

Music, the Brain and Human Behavior

This study covered the following topics:

  • Music Perception and Cognition
  • Psychoacoustics and Psychophysics
  • Sound Localization
  • Neuroscience of Music

Selected Projects

Music and Meditation
Details are here.

In this study, we examined how neuroscientific study of meditation can provide important insights into the role of mental training in studying the brain and cognitive plasticity. At the same time, we designed a practical product to help the future users to cultivate calmer and healthier mental state. Our study employed meditation training via auditory stimuli techniques to develop methods of improving cognitive processes and increasing performance in smaller processes. The act of meditation which could refer to a breadth of practices that range from techniques designed to promote relaxation or improve attentional function to exercises performed with more far-reaching goals such as a heightened sense of well-being or the cultivation of altruistic behaviors.